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4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Henningsdorf.

4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH is a company with a clear mission: improving the management of critically ill patients. Our focus lies on patients suffering from loss of heart function in circulatory shock related to massive cell death and thus uncontrolled Dipeptidyl Peptidase 3 (DPP3) release into the bloodstream. DPP3 is not only a biomarker strongly associated with short-term organ dysfunction in severely ill patients, but also a druggable target. The long-term vision is to provide a therapeutic solution for critically ill patients by neutralizing circulating DPP3, normalizing organ function and improving survival. To achieve this mission, we develop monoclonal antibody therapies in combination with targeted diagnostic tests.

“DPP3 is not only a biomarker strongly associated with short-term organ dysfunction in severely ill patients, but also a druggable target.”

PROCIZUMAB and the DPP3 biomarker

Our lead product is a first-in-class drug candidate, the humanized monoclonal antibody Procizumab, and its companion diagnostic, the DPP3 biomarker. The 4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH, former Sphingotec Therapeutics GmbH, was established in 2013 and is managed by Andreas Bergmann, Ph.D.. The company is located in Hennigsdorf near Berlin, Germany.

Our target – Dipeptidyl Peptidase 3

A metallopeptidase with prominent substrates (Angiotensin II and enkephalines)

In a screening campaign for biotargets in acute cardiovascular diseases, we identified a novel biomarker candidate: Dipeptidyl Peptidase 3 (DPP3). DPP3 is a zinc dependent metallopeptidase that sequentially cleaves dipeptides from the N-terminus of various bioactive substrates [1]. The most prominent substrate of DPP3 is angiotensin II (Ang II), which modulates many cardiovascular functions including blood pressure and cardiac remodeling [4-6]. The release of DPP3 from dying cells and DPP3’s potential implications in the cardiovascular system lead us to develop a blood-based immunoassay to quantify DPP3 in the bloodstream.


Andreas Bergmann, Ph.D. | Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Bergmann has worked in the diagnostic industry for over 30 years. With an outstanding track record, he has spearheaded the discovery, validation and the development of blood-based biomarkers. Andreas Bergmann is an inventor holding 204 patent rights and co-author of over 180 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

"We have built a team of scientists dedicated to improve acute care diagnostics and develop the first-in-class drug candidate Procizumab"

Dr. Bergmann founded sphingotec GmbH and 4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH, which are both located in Hennigsdorf. The companies are devoted to the development of blood-based diagnostic methods for prediction, prevention, intervention strategies and early treatment of diseases in the cardiovascular, cancer and acute care fields.

Dr. Bergmann is also Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Adrenomed AG. Adrenomed is a biopharmaceutical company focused on therapies targeting vascular integrity. The Company’s lead product candidate is Adrecizumab, a clinical-stage, first-in-class monoclonal antibody. Adrecizumab targets the vasoprotective peptide Adrenomedullin, an essential regulator of vascular integrity, to treat life-threatening conditions associated with increased vascular leakage, congestion and shock. For more information, please see https://adrenomed.com/

Senior Management
Karine Bourgeois, PhD. | Chief Scientific Officer

Our Team

Karine Bourgeois | Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)
Alexandra Damrow | Office Managerin
Mandy Kaestorf | Scientist
Gina Lilienthal | Scientist
Angelina Scheck | Quality Manager
Sebastian Schmidt | Scientist
Marco Rheinfeld | CMC Scientist
Katja Seewald | Technician
Katharina Thomas | Clinical Scientist
Leen Alsaka Amini | Marketing - Working Student
Theo Ikenna Uba | Statistic Analysis - Working Student


Our company is continually looking for highly motivated professionals. If you are interested in joining our innovative team, please contact us at career@4teen4.de

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