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transkript: 4TEEN4's first-in-class therapeutic antibody Procizumab restores heart function in life-threatening cardiac depression induced by sepsis

News Medical: High DPP3 concentration in the blood predicts multiple organ failure in burn patients

European Biotechnology: 4TEEN4’s DPP3 predicts burn mortality

Biopharmapress: Combating Sepsis Mortality

European Biotechnology: Fighting sepsis mortality

BioWorld: 4TEEN4 closes $8M A round to test first-in-class cardiogenic shock drug

VC-Magazin: 4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals sammelt 6.9 Mio. EUR ein

LABIOTECH: German Biotech Raises €7M Series A to Treat Acute Heart Failure

LABIOTECH: Top Cardiology Biotech News from the ESC Conference 2019

transkript: Berliner Seriengründer präsentiert neues Projekt

European Biotechnology: DPP3 triggers myocardial depression

LABIOTECH: 4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals reports first results on Procizumab, a novel therapeutic anti-DPP3 antibody for treatment of acute myocardial depression.